A visit to Edgewood College, February 2013

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On Feb 6, 2013 I visited Edgewood College in Madison, WI to see if there was any reasonable possibility that I, a believing and practicing Catholic, could get an education there that was supportive of my Faith.  Edgewood College is sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa and considers itself a Catholic college in the Dominican tradition, though it is really highly secular and when there is religion involved unfortunately it tends to militate against Catholic beliefs. I went on a Wednesday because I am a daily Mass goer and that is the only weekday when they have a Mass on campus.

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Edgewood College

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One of the unfathomable things about postconciliar Catholicism was the enthusiasm for truly outstandingly ugly “primitive” style art. An example, one of the copper Stations of the Cross in the Edgewood Saint Joseph chapel.


The homosexual club bulletin board opposite the admissions office. I asked if it was from the point of view of Catholic teaching on homosexuality, and the admissions office said it was not. I asked if there was a pro-life club. The admissions office was not aware of one.

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Although when I asked in the admissions office whether there were any Catholic events on campus, they seemed somehow unnerved and said there were not any that they knew of, this poster at the chapel door told of a talk about Saint Thomas Aquinas by a Dominican friar, the next day. It said it was open to the public.


An upcoming “LGBTQ” show was advertised on a bulletin board in the hallway outside the chapel, with other theatre productions. The Anderson Auditorium is at Edgewood, the Broom Street Theatre is not.