Sin-a-Mound: a sweet gift!

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A friend who knows me well got me the most thoughtful and funny Christmas present.

This is the Sin-a-Mound humongous cinnamon roll

The tempting Sin-a-Mound humongous cinnamon roll, actually a cinnamon roll-like loaf of bread baked in a square pan.

Great for sharing with friends. If you eat the entire thing yourself at a sitting, you should probably go to confession. For those who need this but do not live near Sinsinawa Mound, it can be ordered through their website and shipped to you. They also have cinnamon swirl bread that doesn’t have icing on it and makes great cinnamon toast or French toast–as well as other varieties of “Mound bread”. I believe my friend probably got this from the Blessed Sacrament Parish Christmas Market at the end of November, and kept it in her freezer.

Sin-a-Mound whole

Gooey glory.

Sin-a-Mound cut

It looks good, and tastes even better. The bread isn’t really sweet, the sweetness comes mainly from the decadent icing.

Thank you to my friend, and to the Dominican Sisters.

Have a blessed Christmas!!

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