More reactions to the Report on the Sinsinawa Dominicans

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The feedback on the Report on the Sinsinawa Dominicans Today has been very good. One priest gave it a 96% on account that it is not very perfectly edited! True! A reader who purchased the book on Amazon left a nice review there:

The breakdown of religious orders is something I have been studying for some time as part of the work of the Catholic apostolate I founded, and this very well researched and well written book about one specific order and how it slowly unraveled is superb.

I have not found any other work that reaches such a level of specificity while connecting to the larger story–a very sad story–of the breakdown of so many orders of nuns and sisters in our country over the past few decades.

The author is a deeply devout Catholic and her concern and care for the strength of the order she examines is very evident.

I highly recommend it.

David H. Lukenbill
The Lampstand Foundation

Cardinal George’s office sent a nice pre-printed card acknowledging receipt of my correspondence and saying it had been passed on to the Cardinal. Though this is not a comment on the content of the book.

Yesterday I had an email from another bishop who received a copy of the book edition and thanked me. He thought the phenomenon of Sisters within various Orders who “have some members who essentially are no longer Catholic, yet remain within the institution” is disturbing, and had some kind words and prayed for the Dominicans and me.

lcwr logoToday I had a postal letter from Sister Janet Mock, Executive Director of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. For real. My cover letter when I sent the book to LCWR reminded them that I had written back in February sending the testimonies regarding why Catholics should not support the former LCWR community Holy Wisdom Monastery that left the Church, and I reiterated what I’d said in that previous letter, “please help keep Sisters Catholic and faithful.” Here is her letter, which doesn’t respond to precisely that issue but I think makes a good impression of her:

Dear Ms. Durack:

I received your letter dated October 11, 2013, along with your book, entitled A Report on the Sinsinawa Dominicans Today. Thank you so much for sending it to me.

You have obviously put a lot of time and effort into compiling the data for this book. I really look forward to reading it. I can only imagine the relief and satisfaction you must feel now that the book is in print. Congratulations on adding to the body of work about women religious.

Janet Mock, CSJ

I both appreciate and respect her willingness to read the book. LCWR knows the problems are real, and they are ideally positioned to actually help things get better. I am praying they will, and ask your prayers too for the LCWR. I am not a cynical person. I think everything awry can turn around if people listen to the Holy Spirit.

Finally, the Father Mazzuchelli Society is planning a get-together at a private home for prayer (the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary and the prayer for Fr Mazzuchelli’s Beatification) and potluck the evening of Monday, November 4th, which is Venerable Samuel Mazzuchelli’s birthday! If you are local in Madison and want to attend this, email me: